Barbecuing in the winter? Absolutely! Also during this cold time of the year you see a lot of people enjoying a barbecue. An international trend that we love. The products shown below can be used to create the perfect Winter BBQ. How? Scroll down for examples.

Boska Winter BBQ Boska Winter BBQ 2 Boska Winter BBQ 3 Boska Winter BBQ 4 Boska Winter BBQ 5 Boska Winter BBQ 6

Here are some examples for you:
 Tapas Fondue: Snuggle up and dip pieces of bread into delicious melted cheese. You don't need electricity; the tea lights will keep the fondue warm for hours.
2. Cheese Barbeclette®: Melt raclette cheese on the barbecue grill and give your hamburger a delicious & warm blanket of cheese. Vary with other kinds of cheese like brie, blue cheese & cheddar. Or grill veggies in your raclette pan. 
3. Tapas Fondue: Finish off your grilled meat with warm cranberry sauce. It will stay warm for hours in a Tapas Fondue.
4. Partyclette®: Enjoy the small version of a Swiss tradition in your own garden. The pan of the Partyclette® is also suitable for the barbecue.
5. Choco Flaker: Got any Christmas chocolate leftovers? Use it to make your own chocolate flakes and sprinkle it on top of your hot chocolate.