Raclette: a tasty, traditional Swiss dish. Serve your guests delicious melted cheese in no time at all. We've got something for everyone. Small raclette sets like the Partyclette, which are ideal for drinks parties and barbecues. Big raclette sets like our Red Dot Design Award winner: the Raclette Quattro Concrete. It's big enough for a quarter wheel of Raclette cheese.

Raclettes for big groups of people
If you're looking for a raclette that's ideal for bigger groups of people, you might like the Raclette Quattro Concrete, which easily holds a quarter wheel of Raclette cheese. Alternatively, you could opt for the Raclette Demi, which can hold up to half a wheel of Raclette cheese. Don't worry if you haven't got a power source: tea lights keep the eight pans in the award-winning Partyclette XL warm and ready to grill and bake cheese, vegetables, pancakes and eggs.

Partyclette To Go
So, where's the party? Wherever you want! Armed with our Partyclette To Go, you can melt cheese wherever and whenever you want. With drinks, at a party, in the park or on the beach. How about a delicious cheeseburger with your barbecue? Melt a delicious piece of Brie, mature cheese or Raclette cheese on the Partyclette. It's really fun to do and tasty too. This portable set is heated up by the three tea lights provided, but you can use the Barbeclette on the barbecue too. 

A fun evening in front of the raclette 
A traditional raclette grill is fun to use and the end result delicious. How it works? Place the raclette cheese in the cheese holder. A hood ensures that the heat of the grill hits the cheese exactly where you want it to melt. The bottom of the cheese stays firms throughout the grilling process. Prepare to scrape off the melted cheese from the top like a real pro and then enjoy delicious melted cheese on bread with tasty grated potatoes or cocktail onions.

Giving a raclette as a gift
Each of our raclettes comes packed in a fantastic gift box, with a 10-year guarantee as standard. They make great gifts for family and friends - especially if you give it to someone as a group and you get to use it straight away. That's double the fun!