10 BBQ facts – become the ultimate barbecue boss

10 BBQ facts – become the ultimate barbecue boss

A great story is always a hit at get-togethers. So, we've put together a list of BBQ facts that are guaranteed to make your next backyard barbecue adventure a huge success. Whether you're a grilling master or a newbie, the following BBQ facts will show (or at least make it look like😉) you're a genuine barbecue expert.

Did you know...

1. ... there are several theories about the origin of the word "barbecue"? Back in 1661, the verb "to barbecue" made its way into the English language from the West Indies. There are also similarities to the Spanish word "barbacoa", an indigenous American term (in the Taíno language) for a wooden frame on which meat was grilled.

2. ... the world record for the "longest barbecue" was set in Bayambang (Philippines)? This barbecue was a whopping 20,246 ft (8,000 meters) long!

3. ... you can clean a grill with lemon? The citric acid helps remove grease and food residue, so your barbecue will be as good as new.

4. ... there is an actual World Barbecue Championship? This event is held each year in the United States and first prize is no less than $145,000. That's quite a bit of pocket money!

5. ... using a fork to turn meat is a common mistake when barbecuing? This makes small holes in the meat, releasing precious juices and drying out the meat. Instead, always use tongs, a spatula or other BBQ tools.

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And did you know that...

6. ... adding wood chips to your charcoal will give your dishes a wonderful smoky flavor? These are available in oak, apple wood, cherry wood and lots of other all-natural woods. Experiment with different types to find your favorite.

7. ... the world record for the "largest barbecue attendance" was set in Mexico? With no fewer than 45,252 persons? Try to beat that in your backyard!

8. ... you should let your meat and fish first come up to room temperature (but don't wait too long due to the risk of Salmonella infection) before grilling it? If it's too cold, it will take longer to cook and the "shock" from cold to hot can also make it dry and chewy.

9. ... you can also melt cheese on a barbecue? Our Cheese Barbeclette® can be used to melt cheese or grill vegetables. A great way to make cheeseburgers, hot dogs and nachos.

10. ... men still generally dominate the BBQ? Whether or not this is the tradition at your home, one thing is for sure: our BBQ accessories will take your grilling skills to the next level.

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Hopefully, these fun facts and figures have helped you beef up your grilling knowledge. So, fire up the grill, invite your family and friends and amaze them with your barbecue skills.

Happy grilling!