How many persons does a fondue set serve? It's easy to figure out!

How many persons does a fondue set serve? It's easy to figure out!

17 fl. oz. , 44 fl. oz. , 220 (!) fl. oz. .... At BOSKA, you'll find a variety of cheese fondue sets in a wide range of sizes. But how can you figure out how many persons a fondue set can serve? And how much cheese fondue do you need per person? We have a few easy tips for you.

Different ways to view the capacity of a fondue set

The capacity of a fondue set is described in different ways on our website. The most important factors are the capacity in fluid ounces when filled completely and the number of ounces/pounds of cheese fondue it can hold. The latter is used to determine how many people a fondue set will serve.

How do you calculate the number of persons a fondue set can serve?

This depends on two things: 1. Will you be enjoying the fondue as a meal or snack/appetizer? 2. Are you serving big or small eaters? Once you know these two things, you consider the number of ounces of cheese fondue that the fondue set can hold. You then use this amount to easily calculate around how many persons the set will serve. We explain how below.

Fondue as a meal: how much cheese fondue you need per person

Will you be preparing cheese fondue as a meal? Expect each person to eat around 7 oz. of cheese fondue. Are you serving very big eaters? Then you can easily expect them each to consume around 8.82 oz. A little more or less is both cases is not a problem. But if you don't have enough cheese fondue or the pot doesn't quite hold enough, don't worry! Simply serve some extra dippers or other side dishes.

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Fondue as a snack/appetizer: the amount of cheese fondue needed per person

Cheese fondue as a snack during a casual get-together or party is as delicious as it is original! Depending on how many other tasty appetizers you're serving, you can assume around 3.50 oz. of cheese fondue per person. And around 4.40 oz. with big eaters. Is your table full of other snacks and drinks? Then 2.65 oz. to 3.50 oz. is more than enough per person.

An easy calculation

In our calculation, we expect each person to eat around 7 oz. of cheese fondue. Does the fondue pot have a capacity of 41 fl. oz. and holds 31 oz. of fondue? Then this is enough for a meal for four or snack for eight. With a capacity of 10.15 fl. oz. , suitable for 6.13 oz. of cheese fondue, this can serve one person as a meal or two as a snack.

The most important thing to remember is that you can't go wrong!

With a small fondue pot, you simply add more cheese fondue as you go. And with a large fondue pot, you can always fill it with less fondue. In this case, keep the burner low so that the cheese fondue won't burn. Use our calculation method as a handy tool... and enjoy!

An even easier way is to use the following hyperlinks to go directly to the right cheese fondue set.

Cheese fondue meal for:
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Cheese fondue snack for:
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As we mentioned above, keep in mind that these are only estimates!