From creamy Brie to hard Parmesan cheese: every type of cheese deserves its own cheese knife. Not just as a decorative extra, but to make cutting it as easy as possible. With more than 120 years of experience, we are able to offer you cheese knives of the very best quality, in various stylish designs. All of our cheese knives come with a 10-year guarantee as standard! 

Different cheese knives
Each cheese has its own, unique structure. Hard cheese requires a different type of cheese knife than a medium-hard or soft cheese. The Cheesy knives have holes in the blade. This keeps resistance to a minimum when cutting cheese and cheese doesn't stick to the knife either. Special knives are available for harder cheeses too. These knives are stronger, don't bend and have a sharper cutting blade. They take all of the effort out of cutting hard cheese!

Different cheese-knife ranges and designs
The king of cheese knives are those in the Monaco+ range; they are designed to cut any type of cheese. You may be interested in the Copenhagen range of fine and handy cheese knives too. Hollow inside, they are extra lightweight as well. The Oak, Taste and Geneva ranges are ideal for anyone looking for decorative cheese knives with authentic wood handles. Alternatively, you might prefer one of our typically Dutch cheese knives, featuring a Delft Blue design, for example. There's no easier and quicker way to achieve a great atmosphere in your home.

Complete knife sets and spreading knives
Besides individual cheese knives, it's also possible to order a complete knife set. The advantage of a set: you'll always have virtually all of the knives you need within easy reach. All with the same design. Some sets include spreading knives too, which have been designed specifically with spreadable cheeses in mind. However, they can also be used to spread butter and tapenade, amongst other things. They're perfect for birthdays or drinks parties.

Not just for cheese!
You might think that our cheese knives can only be used to cut cheese. Well, that's really not true! Although they have been designed specifically to take the hard work out of cutting cheese, there are a whole range of other things you can use them to cut too. For example, a cucumber, cakes, chocolate, butter and other types of food as well.

Give a cheese knife set as a gift
Whether it's Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas or someone's birthday, you can never go wrong with a unique cheese knife set. All of our cheese knives and sets come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. So, the lucky person receiving a knife set can count on enjoying your gift for years to come!