Dutch Cheese Knife Monaco+ No.8

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Available from November 2020

Cut perfectly straight pieces of your favorite cheese with the Dutch Cheese Knife Monaco+. Dishwasher-safe and non-stick thanks to BSF™
and the waffle pattern. The stainless steel blade is slightly curved and the knife has two handles. So you can safely and easily cut through cheeses with harder rinds like aged Dutch cheese and cheddar. 

Non-stick cheese knife thanks to BSF™
This cheese knife is made from high-quality stainless steel. The knife is non-stick thanks to the waffle pattern and BSF™. This non-stick method does not wear and will remain at its best for the kitchen tool's entire life span.

Safe and easy to use
Cutting with this cheese knife is extra safe because your fingers stay away from the blade. You hold the knife's two handles with both of your hands while cutting. This allows you to apply additional force and cut through the cheese in one smooth movement. Also suitable for cutting cheese rinds and pizzas.

Dishwasher-safe knife
This BOSKA cheese knife is part of the Monaco+ collection. A complete product line developed from 120 years of experience in making cheese tools. Cheese knives from this collection feature the best characteristics for turning cheese cutting into an art form. And another advantage: this cheese knife is dishwasher-safe!

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Article number
Stainless Steel
Type of cheese
Semi hard and hard cheese
Product dimensions
250x50x60 mm / 9.84''x1.97''x2.36''
Product weight
168 gram / 0.37 lb
Product dimension in packaging
290x80x50 mm / 11.42''x3.54''x1.97''
Product weight in packaging
254 gram / 0.56 lb
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