Powder or fine or coarsely grated cheese: all are easy to achieve with our cheese graters. Have fun cooking at home. With the very best cheese products at your disposal, you'll be able to sprinkle perfectly grated cheese over all of your delicious dishes whenever you like. The graters offer you ultimate ease of use and are the best solution for soft, medium-hard and hard cheeses. With a choice of designs available, we've got something for everyone. Whether you want to grate cheese, a cucumber, citrus fruit or a carrot. Anything is possible, whether the grater is held in the hand or placed on the table. All cheese graters come with a 10-year guarantee as standard!

The Milano cheese grater 
This grater has an ergonomic handle and an anti-stick grating surface. It is a strong and powerful product that no household can afford to be without. Use this grater to effortlessly cut medium-hard and hard cheeses. Finished with it for the day? Not a problem! Pop it in the dishwasher and it'll soon be ready for you to use again.

Lightweight cheese grater
Do you prefer a lightweight cheese grater? Just like the rest of the range, the Copenhagen cheese grater is hollow, which makes it incredibly light. The grater is made entirely from stainless steel, making it safe to put in the dishwasher. 

Parmesan cheese graters 
The Romano hand-held grater makes short work of Parmesan cheese. With its sleek shape and handy grating mechanism, this hand-held grater is ideal for hard cheeses. While pushing the cheese through the grater with one hand, you use the other to turn the handle of the grating mechanism. It doesn't matter whether you're left or right-handed: this grater can be used by both! 

Table grater 
The Monaco+ table grater is the ideal tool for all-round grating requirements. It grates cheese, vegetables and chocolate too. The four sides of the grater indicate exactly what you can use them to grate. You'll find that you are able to grate cheese three different ways - powder, shredded or coarse - with almost no effort at all. 

Typically Dutch!
The Oak and Taste ranges include cheese graters too. Both graters are decorative and authentic. Alternatively, you might prefer a more humorous design, like our Delft Blue cheese graters or cheese graters featuring a cow design. It doesn't get more Dutch than that! They make a great gift for family or friends abroad.