Lifetime guarantee

Is your Food Tool broken or damaged?

Let us know! If you experience problems with the quality of our products after purchase, we will look for a suitable solution together with you.

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Register your Food Tool for an extra long guarantee

Register your BOSKA Food Tool now and get a lifetime guarantee*. You can also register to become a BOSKA Friend with Benefits for even more advantages (optional).

Why BOSKA offers a lifetime guarantee

At BOSKA, we believe high-quality products are synonymous with sustainability. In other words, Quality = Sustainability. After all, if your product lasts a lifetime, you'll never have to buy a new one. This is part of BOSKA's efforts to minimize our impact on the environment (read more about these efforts here).

Lifetime guarantee BOSKA

To achieve this, we continuously work to improve the quality of our products. Our ultimate goal is to offer a lifetime guarantee on every product in our range*.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can use your BOSKA product for your entire life without having to worry about it becoming defective. But should this happen, we will look for a suitable solution together with you**. Make sure that you always register your Food Tool beforehand or on purchase (see below). This way, you will be able to enjoy your BOSKA Food Tools without worry and the information you provide will help us improve our products further.

Quality = Sustainability

*A few exceptions – 10-year warranty instead of lifetime guarantee

We've already made significant progress towards achieving our goal. For a few products, we are still hard at work trying to find a solution, such as a particular type of material or functionality that would enable us to offer a lifetime guarantee. All the same, BOSKA guarantees exceptional quality when it comes to every one of these products. That is why, for these products, we offer an additional eight years on top of the mandatory two-year warranty. In other words, a ten-year warranty applies to these products. There are, however, a few exceptions to products with electronic parts (two years) and products that are used up or depleted during their consumption, such as the Toastabags® (two years).

How long is the warranty on my Food Tool?
Curious about the warranty on your product? This can be found on the product page on this website and on the product packaging. Claim your warranty now! Together we can help prevent a mountain of waste and make the world a better place.

**Terms and conditions

  • Incorrect use or accidental breakage of our products are not covered by the warranty.
  • The warranty applies when our products are used correctly and according to the operating and maintenance instructions. These instructions can be found inside the packaging or online. Here are a few examples of these instructions:
    • Do not place wooden products in the dishwasher or refrigerator.
    • Do not let metal such as stainless steel sit in water, as this will cause rust.
    • Do not let Fondue Burners burn unsupervised or place them near flammable materials.
    • Allow products with heating elements, burners and tea lights to fully cool before touching or moving them.
    • Be careful with breakable products.

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