Bread Knife Monaco+ (23 cm)

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How to slice freshly-baked bread and delicate vegetables without tearing them apart? Just use the Bread Knife Monaco+! The rounded serrations of this bread knife keeps the structure of freshly baked bread and delicate vegetables intact. With a raised handle so there's always room for your knuckles.

Stainless steel with ideal hardness
Slice crisp bread and delicate vegetables perfectly with this bread knife. The knife is made of high-quality stainless steel with optimum hardness. This keeps the knife sharp for a long time, lets it tackle hard foodstuffs, and makes it easy to maintain and sharpen. Then there's its distinctive diamond pattern for less resistance while cutting.

Perfectly balanced and ergonomic too
A bread knife that lies perfectly in the hand with its ideal balance between the weight of the handle and the blade. The minimalist bolster means the full length of the blade is used when cutting. Add to that the ergonomically designed handle, and you have the perfect bread knife that supplies ideal grip and control.

'Rocking over the waves'
The bread knife is narrower at the front than at the back. This ensures you can set the knife nicely in the crust to start with and then rock it gently down through the foodstuff. The bread knife also has rounded serrations that can actually be seen more as waves. This keeps the structure of the food intact. You get the perfect slicing experience by 'rocking over the waves'!

Made to last
Wash the kitchen knives by hand after use. Some soapy hot water is all you need. Do not forget to dry the kitchen knives immediately after washing. Read some simple tips for enjoying your kitchen knives even longer here.

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Article number
Stainless steel
Product dimensions
360 × 35 × 20 mm / 14.17" × 1.38" × 0.78"
Product weight
200 gram / 0.44lb
Product dimension in packaging
400 × 85 × 28 mm / 15.75" × 3.35" × 1.10"
Product weight in packaging
450 gram / 0.99 lb
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