10 Great Tips for the Perfect Cheeseburger!

10 Great Tips for the Perfect Cheeseburger!

Posted by Boska USA on 07/12/2021

Make the perfect cheeseburger with these tips

Everything fresh
1. Good meat is everything. Buy high quality meat, preferably aged beef.
2. Buying premade burgers is great, making yourself is much better.
3. Fat Content is important for a Juicy Burger - 20% Fat Minimum!
4. Use enough salt in your meat and salt the burgers just before you bake them. 

And then ... fire it! 
5. Grill them on medium-high heat, 3 to 4 minutes per side is fine. 
6. A small slice of butter on each burger instills a rich flavor to the meat as it grills.
7.  Flip once! Over flipping can dry out your burger!
8. Let the meat rest for a while after grilling, for example in aluminum foil.

The best part comes at the end
9. Grill on the Cheese Barbeclette® or Partyclette® ToGo your favorite cheese. How about an English cheddar, a spicy blue mold, a soft mozzarella or a strong and fast melting Camembert? 
10. Let the grilled cheese slide on the meat. Use crispy fresh (iceberg) lettuce, sweet tomatoes, crispy red onion, (homemade) ketchup and mayo, pepper and salt.