DIY Choco Curler Disc Mold


Make your own chocolate discs for any of our curlers with the Choco Disc DIY Mold. Let your imagination run wild or follow the supplied recipe. The silicone mold is flexible, so you can chill and pop-out the choco disc easily. What flavor are you going to give your chocolate curls? 

Chocolate flavor of your choice 

With our Choco Curler or cheese curlers you can make the tastiest chocolate curls. You can make the chocolate disc that you use for this yourself with this silicone mold! Will it be white chocolate, milk chocolate or a combination of chocolate flavors? You can vary endlessly.

Easy to use
Making this chocolate disc is very easy with this silicone mold. Because the mold is flexible, you can easily press the disc out after hardening. This keeps the disc in good shape and is ready for use. The mold is dishwasher safe, so it's super easy to clean.

Unique snack or decoration
Put your homemade chocolate disk on a Boska curler on the table and let your family or friends make curls yourself. They will be surprised by this delicious and unique snack. Or use the chocolate curls to decorate your cake, ice cream, pastries or dessert. 

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