Cheese Barbeclette Melting Pan

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Having some people over for dinner, or are you just in the mood for melted cheese? The Cheese Barbeclette® is your new best friend! With the unique Cheese Barbeclette®, you can melt as much cheese on the barbecue as you want. It’s perfect for a cozy summer night spent barbecuing. Add some drinks, nice background music, and happy company… your night is complete!
The Barbeclette® on the BBQ

Use the Barbeclette® on the BBQ. You can melt your favorite cheese in a flash. It’s delicious on some fresh bread. It can also transform your hamburger into a cheeseburger. Done eating? The non-stick coating and sleek design make the pan really easy to clean. The Barbeclette® is also easy to store. It’ll be ready to go again in no time!

Cheese lovers
The included spatula matches the Barbeclette® perfectly. Thanks to this special spatula, you won’t scratch or damage the Barbeclette® and you can make sure no cheese goes to waste. This set is an absolute must have for every cheese lover, especially if you love a cozy and tasty barbecue. Got some cheese lovers in your area? Give the set as a gift!

Warning: The handle can get very hot!
Keep the handle of the Barbeclette® as far away from the heat source as possible when in use. If the handle is placed or held above the heat source, it can get extremely hot.

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