A winter BBQ! How to make things extra cozy at home this winter

A winter BBQ! How to make things extra cozy at home this winter

Barbecuing in the winter? Yes! Firing up the BBQ is sure to become an increasingly frequent activity even during the cold months. Below we've provided a few examples of how a delicious winter BBQ and our Food Tools can help you with this. Enjoy!

Convert your garden into a Winter Wonderland

Always sitting inside during winter is a shame! So why not make it super appealing to go outside? Decorate your garden with mood lighting, warm rugs and a fire pit, for example. You don't need much in order to create a cozy winter atmosphere in your garden. And what better way to warm yourself up than with a tasty cheese fondue. The tea lights in the Candlelight Fondue Twinkle will keep your cheese fondue warm the entire evening. After you finish eating, just remove the pot and let the tea lights create some lovely mood lighting. Need some inspiration? Then check out our delicious fondue recipes.

BOSKA Winter BBQ_Cheese Fondue

Surprise your guests with a winter BBQ

A BBQ isn't just a great idea in the summer. Winter is also an excellent time to grill (vegetarian) meat, fish and veggies. Grilling will give all your food that little extra when it comes to flavor. And it's fun to boot. For example, you can make a yummy (vegetarian) cheeseburger. Melt some raclette cheese on the BBQ in the pot of the Partyclette® ToGo Oslo to give your hamburger a blanket of delicious, warm cheese. Alternate with other cheeses such as Brie, blue cheese or aged cheddar. Or use the pot to make a delightful dessert by following the recipe for warm apple with crumbled speculaas and vanilla ice cream.

BOSKA Winter BBQ_Cheese burger

Dip snacks into tasty warm sauces

Treat yourself, your family and/or friends to delectable snacks. How about a baguette with warm Gorgonzola, pears and walnuts? Or delight everyone with a warm chocolate fondue. And you can't go wrong with bitterball-type snacks! Whatever you choose, you can always combine it with a delicious warm sauce. When you serve your creations in the Tapas Fondue Bianco everything will look super stylish. The tealight will keep the sauce warm for hours, allowing you to keep on dipping the entire evening. Unless, of course, the sauce is so good that it's gone in no time. Check out our warm sauces recipes for savory sauces such as Indonesian satay sauce and warm cranberry sauce.

BOSKA Winter BBQ_Tapas Fondue Cranberry Sauce

Enjoy hot chocolate milk with fresh chocolate flakes

Do you have left-over chocolate bars from the holidays? Don't throw them away! Use the Choco Flaker to make fresh chocolate flakes. Great for sprinkling over hot chocolate milk, coffee and desserts. And it's super easy: just place the chocolate in the flaker, rotate and sprinkle. This way you can make delicious chocolate flakes with your favorite chocolate in a jiffy. How about some hot chocolate milk with Tony's Chocolonely and marshmallows?

BOSKA Winter BBQ Choco Flaker

Bring the Swiss Alps to your garden

You don't need to engage in winter sports to enjoy a nice Swiss raclette. With the Partyclette ToGo you can bring this Swiss tradition to your own home. The raclette cheese is melted by the tea lights on the base. Then you decoratively scrape the cheese over potatoes, pearl onions and gherkins - just like in Switzerland. Because the Partyclette ToGo is so compact, you can use it anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Prefer bigger tools? Then why not opt for the Raclette Quattro Concrete, which is suitable for a quarter wheel of raclette cheese.

BOSKA Winter BBQ_Partyclette ToGo

Good company, soft winter clothing, delicious food, handy BOSKA tools, the warmth of a BBQ... What more could you want?