Dipping cheese in ground coffee beans? Yes!!

Dipping cheese in ground coffee beans? Yes!!

Want to dip pieces of cheese in honey and... ground coffee beans? Yes!! Recently, Simon Lévelt introduced us to this surprising flavor combination and we love it! This delicious and unique snack is a perfect addition to the table while you're having drinks. One thing's for sure: your guests will be pleasantly surprised, just like us.

Combining coffee & cheese: here's how it works

So, how does this combination of flavors actually work? It's important to note that we're talking about ground coffee beans and not coffee that's already been mixed with water. In our opinion, dipping cheese in your cup of coffee doesn't sound like the greatest idea.

You can grind coffee to various consistencies: coffee grinder (very coarse), filter (coarse), espresso (fine), and like Turkish coffee (very fine, like dust). For this snack, it's essential to use a quick filter grind. If you use a very coarse grind, the coffee will overpower the snack and it won't stick very well. If you use an espresso grind, the structure of the coffee will disappear in your mouth.

This creates the delicious flavor combination

With the quick filter grind, you'll create a delicious flavor sensation in your mouth. The creaminess of the cheese and the sweet freshness of the honey flourish in combination with the crispness of the coffee. However, you do need to know which coffee to combine with which cheese. For example, a strong, dark roast is well suited to a strong/spicy cheese. Meanwhile, a fruity, sweeter coffee fits best with a cheese that's mild in flavor.

This unique and tasty snack is quick and easy to serve up. It's your guests that do the rest: pick up a piece of cheese, dip it in honey, calmly dip it in the coffee, and dig in. Aside from honey, you could also spice it up with fig chutney or melted chocolate. Yum! Just make sure you present it on a beautiful board. After all, the presentation can make or break a snack.

A list of delicious combinations

Have we sparked your curiosity? If so, we've put together a list of delicious combinations for you.

1. Espresso Palermo & blue cheese

Boska Kaas & Koffie blog - blauwaderkaas

- Flavor of the coffee: Dark roast, spicy, and powerful espresso.
- Origin of the coffee: Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatamala, Brazil, and Uganda.
- Fun fact: In terms of flavor, the coffee is perfect for fans of the classic southern Italian espresso.
- Also great in combination with: Spicy cheeses such as sheep's cheese and aged cheese.
- Cut the cheese with: A Soft Cheese Knife, such as the Soft Cheese Knife Monaco+.

2. Finca El Limoncillo & young Gouda

Boska Kaas & koffie blog - Goudse kaas

- Flavor of the coffee: Soft, fresh, and fragrant coffee.
- Origin of the coffee: The edge of the tropical rainforest in Nicaragua.
- Fun fact: This coffee plantation - located at an average altitude of 1,050 meters - gets its name from the natural growth of lemon trees in this area.
- Also great in combination with: Soft cheeses such as hard goat's cheese and Swiss cheese.
- Cut the cheese with: A Semi Soft Cheese Knife, such as the Semi Soft Cheese Knife Monaco+.

3. Red Honey & hard goat's cheese

Boska Kaas & koffie blog - harde geitenkaas

- Flavor of the coffee: Sweet, fruity flavor with a slightly bitter dark chocolate aftertaste.
- Origin of the coffee: Honduras - at an altitude of 1570 meters.
- Fun fact: The coffee is produced using the honey method. This means that the coffee bean is dried in its flesh, which causes the sweet, fruity flavor to penetrate deep into the bean.
- Cut the cheese with: A Hard Cheese Hatchet, such as the Hard Cheese Hatchet Monaco+.

4. Espresso Forza Robusta & Manchego

Boska Kaas & koffie blog - Manchego

- Flavor of the coffee: Powerful, full, and surprisingly fresh espresso.
- Origin of the coffee: The Coorg region in Karnataka, India.
- Fun fact: The tropical climate, rich soil, abundant rain, and sunny, high-altitude plantations are ideal for growing this organic coffee.
- Cut the cheese with: A Dutch Cheese Knife, such as the Dutch Cheese Knife Monaco+.


With thanks to Annuska from Simon Lévelt Gouda, the Netherlands. Her enthusiastic and extensive tasting session has allowed us to familiarize ourselves with this delicious flavor sensation.

Simon Levelt - Boska