Roquefort Bow 240mm Size L


The size L Roquefort Bow has a width of 240 mm, just like the XL. This means it fits perfectly in the Soft Cheese Cutter (602020). The bows are also available in sizes M and XL. You can take on every soft cheese challenge with ease! 

Dishwasher safe

Prevent cross-contamination by cleaning the bow in between cutting different types of cheese.
 The bow is easy to clean and made of stainless steel. It's best to wash it by hand.

Handy tool
The Roquefort Bow L is a handy tool that every cheese professional should get their hands on. The bows are also available in sizes M (602614) and XL (604000). Add the corresponding set of 10 240mm Roquefort Bow Wires (602510) to your order now. No more worries for the time being - it's carefree soft cheese cutting time! 

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  • Made in Europe

  • Safe for Refrigerator

  • Dishwasher Safe


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