BOSKA employees make pancakes at nursing home

BOSKA employees make pancakes at nursing home

March 27, 2023, Bodegraven – The delicious smell of freshly made pancakes greets you as you enter the Vijverhof nursing home in Bodegraven (The Netherlands), where BOSKA staff is busy at work with plates, pans and batter. The reason? They are treating the residents and staff of Vijverhof to a tasty pancake lunch.

On different floors of the nursing home, BOSKA employees are preparing pancakes. Traditional Dutch ingredients are being added, such as bacon, cheese and apples. The residents are seated in their shared living rooms at cheerfully decorated tables. While waiting for lunch to be served, they enjoy a chat with the BOSKA employees or color in a BOSKA picture designed especially for them.

The smell of pancakes brings back memories from the past in many of the residents. "My mother used to make the most delicious pancakes," says one resident as she cuts her apple pancake into pieces with a smile. BOSKA Food Tools has achieved its goal: to give the residents and staff the attention they deserve and treat them to a special afternoon. Definitely worth a repeat!

BOSKA organized this event to give back to the community. Volunteering to prepare a pancake lunch is not the first time BOSKA has made an effort for others. BOSKA has treated the entire staff to dinner for instance, and picked up litter in the area. And this will definitely not be the last time BOSKA will put in an effort to make the world a little bit better every day.

Did you know that BOSKA has partnered up with such charities as Justdiggit and the Bake for Life foundation? And that BOSKA aims to be climate-neutral and net zero by the year 2025? Read more about BOSKA's impact efforts here.

Curious about what it was like when BOSKA made pancakes at the nursing home? Watch the video below.