Proper Cheeseboard Maintenance for a Lifetime of Use

Proper Cheeseboard Maintenance for a Lifetime of Use

Your cheese board gets a lot of abuse. It comes into regular contact with food and knives, sees large temperature differences and is often splashed with water during cleaning. Whether your board is made of slate, wood, marble or ceramics, one thing is certain: if you maintain it well, it will last for years.

Do you want to keep your cheese board as nice as possible for as long as possible? Then keep in mind the following tips:

Tip 1: Oil it regularly with cheese board oil

Do you have a wooden or slate cheese board? Smear it regularly with cheese board oil. Oil provides a protective layer, which protects your cheese board from splitting and absorbing odors and stains. Our cheese board oil (item number 320080) is odorless and tasteless but is also a natural product. As a result, you do not run the risk of swallowing toxic substances, as can be the case with artificial coatings.

Do you have a new cheese board? Then soak the cheese board oil for three consecutive nights. Let it dry up and it is ready for use. Then it is sufficient to spray the plank monthly and rub the oil well.

Tip 2: Wash the cheese board by hand after use

Many cheese boards are sensitive to heat and moisture. Certainly, wooden cheese boards will quickly warp in a dishwasher and the glue between the small boards can let go. To keep the quality of your favorite cheese board, it is important that you wash it by hand after use. Rinse the board with warm water and a small dash of detergent. Do not leave it in the washing water for long periods, it is better if it has contact with the water as short as possible.

Tip 3: Do not use harsh cleaning methods

Never use hard brushes, abrasive materials, soda-containing, disinfectant or aggressive cleaning agents. A splash of warm water and a small amount of detergent is sufficient to clean the board again after use. Make sure that you rinse the board with running warm water after cleaning.

Tip 4: Allow the cheese board to dry upright

Have you cleaned and dried the cheese board? Let it dry upright to prevent warping. It is better not to place it directly above your oven in order to prevent excessive fluctuations in ambient temperature.

Tip 5: Do not use the cheese board for excessive cutting

As tempting as it may sometimes be, do not use a cheese board to cut vegetables, bread or other food. Sharp objects such as slicing knives attack the protective layer of the board and can cause scratches and cracks. Cut a piece of brie when you serve snacks or break a piece of Parmesan cheese on the shelf, that's no problem however.