Personalize your Cheesewares

Personalize your Cheesewares

Posted by Boska Holland on 11/12/2018

Why personalize your Cheesewares?

With your own name or logo on our cheese slicers and knives, you’ll improve your brand recognition. When the cheese comes to the table, so does your name! Boska provides the option to personalize either a small or large quantity of products, making for a unique gift for special occasions, such as promotional campaigns, anniversaries, Christmas gifts or goody bags.

How does it work?

Send us the logo or name that you want to have etched onto your Cheesewares. Once we receive your logo in the correct format and it has been approved, then we will use it to create a cliché. This personal cliché will be used to print the logo onto the slicer or knife. This delicate process is carried out with precision by hand. Once the slicers or knives have been etched and inspected, they will be put back in their box and mailed out. Another satisfied customer!

In order to ensure the best results, we have created the following guidelines:

  • Etches can only be made in black. No other colors are available.
  • Designs should consist of line drawings rather than large solid patches that may chip off.
  • We cannot etch lines thinner than .2 mm.
  • Avoid using large, solid black patches in your logo, as they may chip off and will not look as good. 
  • Please provide your design in PDF and EPS format (warning: it must be a vector logo). This will ensure that the image will scale appropriately when being converted to the cliché (the stamp that will be placed inside the etching machine).
  • The cliché design will remain the client's intellectual property and will be kept on file by Boska.