Get the most out of your Cheese Curler!

Get the most out of your Cheese Curler!

Get the most out of your Cheese Curler with these handy tips on how to use it and keep it in top condition!

The Cheese Curler is the perfect tool to create the tastiest cheese and chocolate curls. Cheese and chocolate curls are a great snack to serve with drinks. Who will you be enjoying these with?

Tips for using cheese curlers

  • Before using, clean the metal peg and the blade with oil.
  • Cold cheese curls better (7 °C / 44°F).
  • Using Tête-de-Moine cheese? Slice it in half before placing it on the Cheese Curler.
  • Turn the knife clockwise across the cheese, taking care not to press down too hard. This movement will create the tastiest and most attractive curls.
  • The Cheese Curler is also ideal for creating chocolate curls which make a sweet treat or serve as stylish decorations to top your cakes and pies.

Maintenance tips

  • After use, store your cheese in a cool place, preferably in the handy BOSKA Cheese Curler Dome.
  • Clean the Cheese Curler with hot water and dishwashing liquid.
  • Never clean with abrasive materials, baking soda, disinfecting or corrosive cleaning agents.