Scoring Knife 80 mm

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  • Made in Europe

  • Not Dishwasher Safe

  • Safe for Refrigerator


You can cut through the toughest rinds with ease with the Scoring Knife. The knife is made of top quality steel, and it has an authentic, durable handle. The blade is extremely powerful and designed for the hardest cheeses in the world. One incision in the cheese is all it takes. Of course, that's a piece of cake with this powerful knife.  

Cut a wheel of cheese with ease
This knife was specially designed to cut through the hard rinds of cheese wheels. For the ultimate user-friendliness, pair the Scoring Knife with our cheese cutters, such as the Cheese-O-Matic (550500 / 550000) or the Parmesan Cutter Pro (540000).

Cutting Parmesan
Cutting or creating incisions on Parmesan cheeses is a whole lot easier with this Scoring Knife. Start by creating a notch on the opposite side of the cheese and move the knife towards you, while exerting force on it. That way, you'll cut through the rind of the hard cheese quickly and easily. Next, use our cheese cutters or other Parmesan knives (such as the Cracking Knife, 254315) to split and break open the cheese.

Dishwasher safe
You can place the Scoring Knife in the dishwasher - no problem. However, it's best to wash it by hand. That way, the knife will stay sharp for years. That sure is useful when you're cutting Parmesan cheeses or other cheeses with hard rinds!

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