Raclette Demi 110V


Expecting a lot of company? In the mood for melted cheese? The Raclette Demi 110V is your saving grace. The Raclette melts the cheese with its heating lamp. This means the lower part of the cheese stays hard, while you can scrape off the molten top layer with ease. Gather your family and friends and experience this awesome Swiss tradition at home. It’ll be a delicious evening to remember!

Rotating mechanism
The set has a rotating mechanism. This enables you to pull the cheese out from under the lamp and gracefully pour it wherever you like. While using the raclette, the lower part of the cheese stays hard. You can scrape the top layer of melted cheese over your dishes like a true artist. Order the matching Raclette Knife (254116), and the whole process becomes even easier.

Awesome gift
Melt cheese like the Swiss do in the comfort of your own home. A delicious baguette, some potatoes, or pearl onions – it all becomes even more delicious with melted cheese on top! Have some Cheese Lovers in your area? This is an awesome product to give as a collective gift. The raclette comes in a stunning gift box!

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  • Not Dishwasher Safe

  • Not For Use In Refrigerator


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