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Chilling & Grilling

Boska & Beemster put on a great event on June 5th to show off some of our best items! Check out the video, as well as the press release below.
New York, NY – June 5, 2019 -- Burger and cheese lovers know the secret behind an awesome chill and grill experience. Luckily, BOSKA HOLLAND and BEEMSTER cheese have teamed up to melt their knowledge, sharing the best tips in innovative cheese tools and a grater understanding of BEEMSTER cheeses that are ideal for outdoor soirees. Master grillers and BBQ novices alike will look sharp grilling with the famous Boska Holland Cheese Barbeclette® and selection of oak boards, including the outrageously fun XL Serving Boards. Beemster, known for its award-winning cheeses from happy cows, is moo-ving the al-fresco dining needle with noteworthy cheese selections including Beemster: XO, Vlaskaas, Smoked, Mustard Seed, and their Italian-inspired Paradiso Reserve.
“When the weather gets warm we want to be outside, chilling and grilling with friends and family. We’ve created the perfect grill experience for food lovers with cheese tools that are award-winning, durable, and use natural high-quality materials. Boska Holland is an innovative and authentic family company with a love of cheese that dates back to 1896.There’s a special place in our hearts for Beemster, whose cheeses are known for their exceptional taste and add a gourmet flair to every outdoor affair!” says Managing Director, Anneloes Wynalda – Hetebrij, Boska Holland.
“For more than 115 years, Beemster has crafted exceptional cheese from the very best milk using time tested recipes. Like Boska, we share a strong Dutch heritage and take pride in our innovations, exceptional quality, and authenticity. Beemster and Boska are the dynamic Dutch duo of summertime chilling and grilling, creating memorable experiences for food lovers,” says Marcel Vantuyn, Managing Director, Beemster USA.
THE FAMOUS BOSKA CHEESE BARBECLETTE® The unique Cheese Barbeclette® melts favorite cheeses quickly and easily straight on the grill in the exact quantity desired. Transform hamburgers into cheese burgers, create a delectable appetizer on bread, or upgrade nachos and hotdogs! The non-stick coating and sleek design make the pan easy to clean and its design allows for easy storage. It’s a gouda idea to use the non-scratch spatula that is included and is stored within the design of the Barbeclette® .
XL BOSKA OAK BOARDS Known for its oak cheese boards, Boska is maximizing the fun with the Serving Board Friends XL. At almost 39-inches long this board is as impressive as it is classic, allowing for the presentation of multiple types of cheeses and other delicacies. Love the look of oak wood for upgrading your burger and slider presentations, showing off delicious Barbeclette melted cheese on bread, and even desserts. When the party is over, simply wash the board with some dish soap and hang it up by its handle. This board is also available in sizes large, medium and small.
BEEMSTER CHEESE: EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AND TASTE Beemster cows’ milk is naturally sweeter, richer and creamier, thanks to the unique terroir of North Holland where the cows graze and the cheese is made. The PDO cheeses are handcrafted by master cheesemakers and aged on wood planks in historic stone warehouses. Perfect for chill and grill get togethers are: Beemster XO which is aged for 26 months and has notes of whiskey, pecan and butterscotch; Beemster Vlaskaasis aged to its specific flavor profile for about six-months and has a nutty flavor with notes of sweet milk. The Beemster Smoked is aged for six weeks and is the best of Holland and the USA – it’s made in Holland and naturally smoked over hickory wood in the USA. Beemster Mustard Seed is aged one month and has a smooth taste that is mild and fragrant. Paradiso Reserve is the Dutch cheese with an Italian accent and is aged ten months with a flavor that melds Gouda and Parmesan in one heavenly bite.
About Boska Holland Boska is a Dutch innovative and authentic family-owned company that has had a heart for cheese since 1896, and therefore constantly searches for new Cheesewares - cheese tools and accessories. They aim to bring make great food tools that are great quality, timeless design and smart & fun to use but still affordable. Over the course of four generations, the company evolved from blacksmith, ironware retailer, and hardware manufacturer to the current company with 75 employees and 5 international offices, including ones in China and the USA. Boska Cheesewares are available in 90 countries. For more information:
About Beemster Gouda can come from anywhere, but only Beemster can come from the Beemster. Beemster is a traditional Dutch cheese of exceptional quality and taste made by a cooperative of small family farms and master cheesemakers, founded in 1901. All milk in Beemster cheese comes from cows and goats raised in North Holland, earning it the PDO North Holland status. The Beemster Polder, which is land reclaimed from a coastal lagoon located 12’ below sea level, has a unique soil that produces a thick grass, rich in minerals and nutrients. Beemster is the only closed-source, vertically integrated, traditional Dutch cheese in the United States & Canada. Our delicious cheese is crafted with a commitment to humanely raising healthy, happy cows, supporting our farmers with living wages and on-going innovation, and sustainable production in the world’s greenest dairy. Happy cows, happy farmers, happy planet…exceptional cheese!