The Pecorino Romano cheese-dummy


Boska cheese dummies: they're just like the real thing. The realistic Pecorino Romano cheese dummy is just one example. It might be a replica, but it looks so much like the real thing that you could be forgiven for cutting a slice out of it. You'll find that you're able to create an attractive store interior in no time at all with this lookalike at your disposal. 

Added value
The Pecorino Romano is a fantastic replica and will enhance the way your present all of the products you have to offer. Your counter will look full, but you'll actually reduce the amount of cheese you need to cut to keep it looking great. Make sure that your customers know which cheeses you have to offer! 

Promote a specific cheese
You can use the Boska Holland® cheese dummies to promote your favorite cheese brands. Which cheeses do you like or have you discovered 'recently'? You'll find that Boska’s realistic dummies make it easy for you to put the spotlight on these cheeses. There's a big chance that you'll sell more as a result. Customers really do appreciate it when you show them your favorite cheeses!

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  • Made in Europe

  • Safe for Refrigerator

  • Dishwasher Safe


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