Choco Tower


Serve your favorite chocolate, bonbons, and other sweets on the Choco Tower. They'll look even more delicious on this stylish marble tiered serving tray. The marble stays nice and cool, which keeps the chocolate in peak condition. It's perfect if you're hosting a high tea or simply want to pamper your guests. 

Marble tiered serving tray  
The Choco Tower is made of stylish white marble. This is the perfect surface for chocolate. That's because marble stays cool and keeps the chocolate from melting. This enables the chocolate to stay in peak condition, so that you can keep snacking on it. Unless, of course, you already ate everything in one go. 

Perfect for a high tea 
A successful high tea is determined, in large part, by the presentation. Are you planning a high tea or are your family and friends coming to visit? Serve your favorite chocolate, bonbons, and other delicious snacks on this stylish tiered serving tray. It'll definitely be a success! 

For frequent use 
You can use the Choco Tower as often as you want. It's not only for high teas or chocolate. You can also use it for other tapas and savory snacks. After use, you simply have to wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it by hand. Then it'll be clean again in no time. 
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  • Not Dishwasher Safe


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