Choco Chopper Chocolate Knife


The Choco Chopper: a brand new way to enjoy your favorite chocolate. With this stylish, gold-colored knife, you can break off chunks of chocolate with ease. This tool makes it fun to share your chocolate experience with friends and family around the table.

Enjoy chocolate together
Just like cheese, chocolate just tastes better when you have it with company. That's why Boska has worked together with a real chocolatier to create the Choco Chopper: an elegant, stainless steel knife which cuts through chocolate in a single, fluid motion. 

Safe, hygienic and practical
The Choco Chopper has two handles, which means it's very safe to use. Your hands are far away from the blade, so you won't accidentally cut your fingers. Another perk: everyone can cut a piece of chocolate for themselves without touching it with their hands. It's hygienic and practical! 
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