Cheese Knife Cheesy Taste


The Cheese Knife Cheesy Taste is perfect for cutting soft and semi-hard cheeses. The authentic, dark wood handle makes this a real eye catcher. Cheese won't stick to the knife thanks to the holes in the blade. Your friends and family, however, are sure to stick around!

Your guests are ready to go
The Cheese Knife Cheesy Taste has an artisan design and is wonderful to use. You can easily pick up and serve cheese cubes with the presentation tip at the end of the knife.

Top quality cheese knife
This top quality cheese knife comes with a 10 year guarantee. The knife has a wooden handle. Therefore, we recommend not placing the knife in the dishwasher. Just quickly wash it by hand, and you'll keep benefiting from this knife for many years to come.

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  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • Not Dishwasher Safe

  • Not For Use In Refrigerator


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