BOSKA's Mission

At BOSKA we believe Quality is Sustainability!

It’s our frustration that 90% of housewares are bad, boring or too expensive. Lots of products in our industry are made to only last a couple of years and we think that’s nonsense!

Stone, steel & wood
At BOSKA we produce products primarily made from natural raw materials such as stone, steel and wood. That’s not always sustainable, so we use our natural resources in the best possible way by aiming to make products which last a lifetime. We create to last!

Positive impact
Our Food Tools are designed to be fun smart & to maintain their beauty throughout its lifetime. We strive to make a positive impact, expanding beyond the niche to the global market, by making our products affordable for the many. This is why BOSKA has a place in every home.

We promise
So people stop buying substandard products so you can stop them throwing out & being thriftless. And let’s make real good stuff, have less waste & more taste ;).

Lifetime Guarantee
Our mission is to make products that:
1. Are affordable for the many
2. Are fun to use
3. Have a timeless design
4. Last a lifetime 
This is why we promise quality by now offering a Lifetime Guarantee!

This is our direction for our industrial designers. This is our challenge for our production. This is our reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

‘To create great food tools and make them cool.’ Because we believe that: Quality is Sustainability!