Raclette Quattro Black - 110V

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With the Raclette Quattro Black you and your family and friends can enjoy a delicious Swiss tradition. This stylish, high-quality Raclette cheese melter is suitable for a quarter wheel of Raclette cheese. The grill heats your Racelette cheese so that you can then decoratively scrape it over potatoes, nachos or other snacks.

Stylish Raclette cheese melter
Surprise your family with a delicious Swiss tradition with this Raclette cheese melter. Using it is easy. Place the quarter wheel of Raclette cheese, with the tip facing up, on the holder and turn it underneath the handy hood containing the hot lamp. The cheese will start to melt. Then use a raclette knife (254116) – not included – to scrape the cheese over your favorite dish.

Optimal heat distribution
Baguette, pickled onions or meats: a tasty warm blanket of cheese makes almost every dish even more delectable. It's easy with this Raclette cheese melter. The handy rotating cheese holder lets you alternately heat up both sides of the cheese under the grill. What's more, everyone can easily reach it when serving.

High-quality materials
Looking for an original snack for your get-together or party? Or want to do something special for an evening meal? Then get the Raclette Quattro Black and start racletting! This cheese melter is priced very affordably and has an extra long power cord measuring 2. 5 meters (8.2 feet). That means you can avoid having a power strip sitting on the table when you eat. Stylish!

How do you clean a Raclette cheese melter?
Melted cheese, crumbs... After a lovely evening of racletting the machine won't be quite as clean as it was before use. Use a damp cloth – with a bit of dish soap, if you want – to clean the cheese melter. Never submerge it in water! The stainless steel cheese holder is the only component that is dishwasher-safe. Cleaning the Raclette Quattro Black this way will allow you to enjoy it for years to come.
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