The Piave cheese dummy

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If you didn't know better, you'd think that the Boska cheese dummies were actually real cheeses, as you'll see from this replica of the Piave. This is another beautiful Italian cheese, named after the Piave River, which flows from north to south through the Piave Valley. It's a cooked and ripened, hard cheese. Will you let this cheese work its magic in your professional store interior? 

Unique cheeses 
The Piave is a unique type of cheese and is shaped like a flat cylinder, so the Boska replica is too. It looks so good, it's hard to resist taking a bite out of it. Please don't! We recommend that you show customers what a great range of cheeses you have to offer instead. 

Attractive presentations
Boska's cheese dummies are a perfect way of promoting various cheese brands. They'll ensure that you sell far more cheese. That's what you want, isn't it? Naturally, cheese dummies also enable you to create the most attractive presentations ever - time and time again - now and for years to come. Let your imagination run wild with these unique Boska replicas.

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