Freshly sliced cheese 
Freshly-cut slices of cheese are always tastier than pre-packaged slices of cheese. Why is that? You can use our cheese slicers to cut thin slices of cheese. When sliced freshly, the cheese comes in contact with oxygen, helping its taste come out to the full - much the same as wine! 

Choose from a number of cheese slicer designs
Boska is pleased to be able to offer a number of cheese-slicer designs. The Copenhagen cheese slicer is hollow, which makes it incredibly lightweight. The cheese slicers from the Oak and Taste range are known for their authentic and decorative designs. The Amsterdam cheese slicer has a black finish and an extra ergonomic grip. 

For every type of cheese 
We stock cheese slicers with an extra short blade for young cheese, which stops the cheese from sticking to your slicer. You'll find that you're able to cut perfect slices with the greatest of ease. Hard cheese requires a different type of slicer blade than a soft cheese; a sturdy, strong slicer with an extra sharp slicer blade has been designed for this type of cheese. 

Multifunctional cheese slicers 
For the slicers we offer without a wood handle, they can simply be popped into the dishwasher to clean. Otherwise, it's easy to wash by hand. All of our cheese slicers are multifunctional. They're perfect for cutting cucumber, carrot and asparagus too. 

Give a cheese slicer as a gift
Whether you're having a drinks party, celebrating a birthday or organizing a housewarming, why not give a cheese slicer as a gift? Every cheese lover deserves to have a top-quality cheese slicer. All cheese slicers come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. 

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