Fondue Set Copper - 57.5 fl oz (1.7 L)

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Regular price $149.99

  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • Gas stovetop-safe

  • Electric stovetop-safe

  • Ceramic stovetop-safe

  • Safe for Refrigerator

  • Red Dot Design Award Winner!


Do you love cheese fondue? With this copper fondue set, cheese will burn and cake on to the pot much less. The Fondue Set Copper has an even heat distribution, so that you can get to dipping much more quickly!

Complete fondue set
The copper fondue set comes complete with an extra sturdy concrete base, a burner, and four fondue forks. Not for nothing, but this fondue set did win the Red Dot Design Award. It’s even delivered in a cool gift box – perfect to give as a gift!

The fondue pot can only be used on a gas, electric or ceramic stove. If you only have a different heat source – such as an induction stove or microwave – we recommend you use a different pot to heat the fondue.

Fondue with your guests
The Fondue Set Copper is a unique experience – one you should share with your guests. Make a delicious cheese fondue with the set and cut up a couple of baguettes. Serve it with a flavorful glass of wine and the experience is complete!

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Article number
Liters (up to the edge)
1,7 liter
Liters (cheese fondue)
1,5 liter
Grams (cheese fondue)
1300 gram
Heat source
Ceramic cooker / Electric cooker / Gas stove
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