Cheese Replica Cambozola Blue

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Regular price $79.99

  • Made in Europe

  • Safe for Refrigerator

  • Dishwasher Safe


Looking for a Cheese Replica Cambozola Blue? You can find this lifelike replica at Boska Holland®. Use the color concept to highlight the differences between washed rind, bloomy rind, and blue cheeses for your customers. Use blue to promote your blue cheeses.

Stimulate sales
The Cambozola Blue has a large presentation area. You can present your favorite blue cheeses on this area. With this arrangement, you can separate the different kinds of cheeses in a stylish and clear way. Providing more choices will stimulate sales!

Easy to clean
Boska cheese replicas are easy to clean and are suitable for the cold counter. The replica is lightweight and a simple one-time purchase. It'll make a big difference!

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