Soft Cheese Knife Monaco+ No.3

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  • Dishwasher Safe

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Are you a passionate home cook or a fan of cheese? Then you simply must have the Soft Cheese Knife Monaco+. This handy knife is part of the Monaco+ series, into which we've poured over 120 years of experience. This revolutionary cheese knife is the perfect solution for cutting soft cheese.

Perfect knife for soft cheese
There are various qualities within this cheese knife that make cutting soft cheeses as easy as pie. The thin blade and the quilted pattern lead to less contact between the knife and the cheese. Aside from that, the blade has a non-stick coating. The knife is also extra sharp, as it has been sharpened on both sides, which lets the knife cut through the tougher rinds of a Brie, for example, much easier. All of these qualities combined allow you to cut through the most delicious soft cheeses with ease.

Dishwasher safe
Are you all done cutting? The Soft Cheese Knife Monaco+ is entirely made of stainless steel. This means that you can let it take a spin in the dishwasher, and it'll be good to go. Otherwise, quickly wash it by hand. Some warm water and a little bit of dish soap will do the trick. This handy knife comes with a 10 year guarantee. This means that you can keep serving the most delicious soft cheeses for many years to come.

A whole series
Aside from the Soft Cheese Knife Monaco+, there are other Cheesewares within the Monaco+ series. Hang up these different tools together in your store on one of our displays, such as our Counter Display 3 Pins (X04107). This allows you to clearly present the Monaco+ products together, which will increase the likelihood of additional sales.


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Article number
Stainless steel
Type of cheese
Soft and semi hard cheese
Product dimensions
257x28x10 mm / 10.18"x1.10"x0.39"
Product weight
108 gram / 0.238 lb
Back card
Product dimension in packaging
290x80x15 mm / 11.6"x3.2"x0.59"
Product weight in packaging
130 gram / 0.286 lb
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