Soft Cheese Cutter

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  • Made in Europe

  • Dishwasher Safe

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You can cut soft cheeses to perfection with the Soft Cheese Cutter. Imagine a lovely Roquefort, a fresh cream cheese, or even a roll of garlic butter. You can cut beautiful, straight pieces with ease thanks to the thin wire. The cheese won't stick to the wire. The guidance barrels enable you to go through the cheese with a slight rocking motion. 

Specially designed gutter

This ingenious cheese cutter is used extensively in the professional cheese world. And that has a clear reason. The Soft Cheese Cutter is incredibly user-friendly. The moisture that’s released while cutting cheese flows into the specially designed gutter. You can easily disassemble and clean the cheese cutter. The plastic allows the moisture to run off and prevents the board from absorbing odors and flavors. 

Soft cheeses

When you order this cheese cutter, you'll also receive one spare wire. Our powerful cutting wires last for a long time. The plastic board can go in the dishwasher. It's best to wash the other elements by hand to preserve their quality. This handy and compact cheese cutter is a must have for every specialist who works with soft cheeses!

Bows sold separately
The cutter's bow can also be used separately and is easy to replace. Choose, for example, the Roquefort Bow XL (604000) for tall cheeses. For smaller and medium-sized cheeses, you can get the size L bow (602524). The Soft Cheese Cutter's dimensions are 285 x 230 x 300 mm.

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