Cheese Cutter Parmesan Pro

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  • Made in Europe

  • Dishwasher Safe

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The Cheese Cutter Parmesan Pro was specially designed to safely cut up the hardest cheeses in the world. It's a beautiful and super strong machine. You can cut the ever-so-hard Parmesan cheeses into little pieces without a lot of force and with no cutting waste. Why complicate things unnecessarily? 


Use the familiar Boska Scoring Knife (554709) to create an incision in the cheese. Do this across the whole cheese - not just the corners. Place the cutting wire into the notch. Tighten the wire by turning the handle in a clockwise direction. Don't turn it counterclockwise, or the cutting wire might bend. The handle enables you to cut through the cheese with ease. If you create a good incision and never turn the handle the wrong way, you could cut at least 100 Parmesan cheeses with one wire. 

User-friendly and safe
The machine comes with safety glasses, because the cutting wire could potentially snap. The wire is 0.8 mm thick. The handle can be folded up, which makes transportation and storage even easier. You can also use the cheese cutter ‘separately’, as a cutting board. Stop struggling with those hard Parmesan cheeses. Choose user-friendliness and safety!

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