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Boska's Cheese Commander Pro has been known for years to be the go-to for any cheese counter. Now, we improve on this further with the Cheese Commander Pro+, which is NSF Certified! For those who work in a restaurant or industrial kitchen, you know how stringent NSF standards are for health and safety.

With the Cheese Commander Pro + cheese slicer you can cut through any cheese straight and accurately. Due to the compact size, the slicer fits on every counter and is particularly suitable for cutting smaller, softer cheeses. After each cutting movement, the cutting wire returns to its original position, which make takes the hassle out of repeatable, appealing cuts of cheese.

Safety first
From amateur cheese enthusiasts  to experienced cheese specialists, the same applies to everyone: if you use the Cheese Commander Pro + cheese slicer, you will not only cut straight and precisely, but also much more safely then with a cheese knife.

Face the Customer
Cutting without turning away from the customer contributes to the customer experience. By placing the Cheese Commander Pro + Cheese Slicer on your counter, you can cut and package cheese while looking at and advising the customer. The 2 types of anti-slip feet (Suction cup and rubber) ensure that the device stays in place.

Years of cutting pleasure
We have tested our wires and they last 2-3 times longer than our competition, but when it comes time to change them, its done in under a minute. Every Cheese Commander Pro + comes standard with 6 spare wires. You have replaced the cutting wires within a few seconds. The Cheese Commander Pro + cheese slicer is made of super-strong plastic, which means it will last for years.

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  • Safe for Refrigerator

  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • Dishwasher Safe




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