Cheddar Cutter

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  • Made in Europe

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Safe for Refrigerator


Straight as an arrow - that's how you can best describe the Cheddar Cutter. You can cut large blocks of 50 to even 100 kilograms into straight pieces with ease. You can effortlessly cut Cheddar or soft, rectangular blocks of Gouda without rinds into smaller pieces that can be sold or cut up further.

Easy to use
The Cheddar Cutter is extremely easy to use. You place the block of cheese on the roller bed. Set the cutting wires to the dimensions you desire and push the cheese through. Use a maximum of four cutting wires. The wires are easy to adjust. By using cutting wires, the cheese won't stick.

Cutting wires
Order our super strong 6mm cutting wires (510031), specially designed for the Cheddar Cutter, or the 8mm cutting wires (510008). The cutting wires come in sets of 10 pieces. You can keep cutting the most beautiful pieces of Cheddar or other soft cheeses for a long time to come. You can also buy the mobile undercarriage (510055) as an accessory, which enables you to create a flexible workspace.

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