General Purpose Knife Blue Handle 140 mm

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  • Made in Europe

  • Not Dishwasher Safe

  • Safe for Refrigerator


This Boska Holland® General Purpose Knife comes in blue, and that has a very important reason. This knife has been specially designed so that you can cut through blue cheeses effortlessly. The practical design means that you've got a cheese knife that's very versatile, that can take on all those little chores, and that can produce a beautiful result.  

Boska's control freak
Not even the softest cheeses will stick to this knife thanks to the three holes in the blade. The serrated edge is extra sharp, which means that you can even cut through the packaging of the cheese with ease. The forked tip enables you to pick up a piece of cheese both quickly and easily. If there's any knife that qualifies as Boska's control freak, it has to be this jack of all trades! 

Blue for you
Why complicate things unnecessarily?  The color blue was selected in order to fulfill the strict HACCP laws and regulations. Every type of cheese should be cut with its own knife. That prevents cross-contamination. Use red for washed rind cheeses, blue for blue cheeses, and white for bloomy rind cheeses. That's why this cheese knife is blue, just for you! 

A cheese knife that's small, but shouldn't be overlooked
This small cheese knife is dishwasher safe. No problem! Washing it by hand is better, however, as that preserves the quality of the knife. It may be small, but this handy jack of all trades by Boska is a pretty big deal around here! 

Available in the following versions: red for washed rind cheeses, white for bloomy rind cheeses, and blue for blue cheeses. 

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