Cheese Cutter Cheese Commander PRO


You can make neat and straight cuts through every cheese imaginable with ease with the Cheese Cutter Cheese Commander PRO. Due to its compact size, this cheese cutter fits on every counter top. It's particularly well-suited to cutting smaller soft cheeses. After each cutting movement, the cutting wire returns to its original position, which makes cutting even easier.

Safety above all else
Whether you're a brand new weekend shift worker or an experienced cheese specialist, when you use the Cheese Commander PRO, you're not only making straight and neat cuts, but you're also working in an extremely safe way. That’s because you can't accidentally cut yourself with a cutting wire. 

Facing the customer
Cutting cheese to order while facing the customer enhances their in-store experience. By placing the Cheese Commander Pro on your counter, you can cut and wrap your cheese while maintaining eye contact and offering extra advice. The 2 types of non-slip feet keep the device firmly in its place.

Years of fun cheese cutting
Do you cut a lot of cheese, and did a cutting wire break? No problem! Each Cheese Cutter Cheese Commander PRO comes with 6 spare wires. You can replace the cutting wire in just a few seconds. The Cheese Commander PRO is made of super strong plastic, which will last you for many years to come.

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  • Dishwasher Safe


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