Hard Cheese Knife Vienna No.3




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  • Not Dishwasher Safe

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You can break up hard and very hard cheeses with ease with the Hard Cheese Knife Vienna. This stylish knife, with its dark wood handle, is super sharp and won't bend while you're exerting force on it. Do you want to delight in a delicious piece of Parmesan cheese or an aged, crumbly cheese? Then you need this eye catcher!

Cheese knife for hard cheese
The Hard Cheese Knife Vienna Taste is practical and wonderful to use. The knife is sharpened on both sides, which makes it super sharp. The knife won't bend while you're exerting force on it because of the use of hardened steel. This prevents the knife from flying out of your hand while you're breaking through a hard cheese, which makes it a lot safer to use.

Years of fun cutting cheese
The dark wood handle gives this knife an authentic and stylish look. After use, do wash it off by hand. Some warm water and a little bit of dish soap will do the trick. That way, it'll be ready to go again and again for many years to come.

With a handy back card
The Hard Cheese Knife Vienna is mounted on a back card. Use one of our hanging systems, such as the Counter Display 3 Pins (X04107), to present the cheese knife stylishly, in full view of the customers. This provides order and clarity. In some cases, you can get this display for free upon request. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.
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