Top 5 Gifts 2019 Holiday Season

Top 5 Gifts 2019 Holiday Season

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851502 concrete raclette quattro-1

Concrete Raclette Quattro

Boska's Award Winning redesign of a European Classic

The Ultimate Way to Melt Cheese $199.00
Having some friends or family over? Make it a raclette night! With this Raclette Quattro Concrete, suitable for a quarter wheel of Raclette cheese, you’ll be all set up in no time! The white ceramic cap directs the heat from the heat lamp onto the cheese, so it’ll melt just right. Enjoy!
Place your quarter wheel of Raclette in, flip the power on and things start to heat up. You just scrape off the top layer of the cheese, like a true artist. Order the matching Raclette Knife (254116), and the whole process becomes even easier. A delicious baguette, some potatoes, or pearl onions – it all becomes even more delicious with melted cheese on top!

Cheese board amigo 'M'

Copenhagen 4-Piece Mini Knife Set

4 Great Knives for All Cheese Types

    Great Stocking Stuffer! $24.99
    Are you crazy about cheese? Then you need the Cheese Knives Set Mini Copenhagen! You can tackle hard, soft, and spreadable cheeses with this lightweight set. It consists of four stylish stainless steel knives. You'll be able to plate up something for everyone on your cheese board with these knives.The handles of these cheese knives are hollow on the inside, which makes them lightweight. The stainless steel knives will last you for a long time. They come with a 10 year guarantee. Time to wash up? No problem! The set can go straight into the dishwasher and will come out as good as new!


    Choco Fondue Marie

    The First Double Boiler Choco Fondue for Two

      Keeps chocolate warm for hours with no burnt taste! $39.99
      All you need for an effortless evening of delicious chocolate fondue is the Choco Fondue Marie. Thanks to the bain-marie (double boiler) you can melt your chocolate and rest assured that it will not burn, freeing you up to enjoy perfect chocolate fondue for hours on end. It's an ideal dessert for two, or a sweet treat during drinks, a party or high tea. You've never known truly carefree fondueing until you've used this set. The bain-marie method keeps the melted chocolate at an optimal temperature of 40 °C (104 °F). A layer of water between the two fondue pans ensures that the heat from the tea light is evenly distributed. This special technique keeps the chocolate from burning, becoming gritty or bitter, which is a common pitfall of normal fondue sets. 

      Oktober borrelmaand Monaco+ cheese baker

      Cheese Baker

      An oven safe ceramic cheese baker with a tealight base to stay warm all evening.

      Perfectly sized for Camembert! $24.99
      Want to delve into a delicious baked Camembert? With the Cheese Baker, that’s a piece of cake! This small oven dish with matching lid is sized so that a Camembert will fit perfectly. It’s also suitable for fondue, stews, or other dishes. You’ll have a tasty appetizer or snack ready in a flash! With this porcelain oven dish, you can prepare a mini cheese fondue or bake a Camembert in a flash. Try a personal sized Mac n Cheese! You can easily keep the cheese molten and warm thanks to the base with its tea light. That means you’ve got hours upon hours of melted cheese to enjoy!

      307089 Monaco+ black

      Monaco+ Black Cheese Knife Set 

      Comes with a rustic leather roll-up pouch!

      A unique gift for any cheese lover! $89.99
      From soft Brie to hard Parmesan cheese - with the Cheese Knife Set Monaco+ Black, you have the perfect cutting solution for every type of cheese. These unique, stainless steel and non-stick knives - with a genuine leather sleeve - create a perfect and stylish gift for true cheese lovers and cooking enthusiasts. The knives in this set are part of the Monaco+ collection. This ensures that you’re getting knives of the absolute highest quality. The Monaco+ collection was developed using over 120 years of experience in making cheese tools. Cutting cheese is a piece of cake with these stylish knives.